Custom sewn contour or pleated face masks- Every popular option available!

Frequently Asked Questions


Are Ozark Masks machine washable?

While you can throw your Ozark Mask in the washing machine, machine washing and drying shortens the life span of ANY elastic and can create shrinkage in our 100% cotton masks.  If you want to use your mask for years to come, we suggest hand washing  your Ozark Mask by hand in warm water using antibacterial hand soap.  You might also consider getting an Ozark Flexi-Mask.  It allows you to remove the elastic for washing, use fabric straps, and replace elastic easily if you ever need to.  

How do I sanitize my mask?

Our favorite method for sanitizing is to hand wash with antibacterial soap immediately after wearing, and then press to dry (avoiding ironing the elastic).  It's also fine to hang your mask up to dry.  From the data that has been released so far, soap and water is an effective method of cleaning hands and fabric..  

Please consult the CDC website for ongoing updates and recommendations.

Do face masks prevent the spread of COVID-19

A face mask, on it's own, will NOT prevent you from getting COVID-19.  We do not make any medical claims of protection. Face masks are now considered an important layer among many other measures to help slow the spread of illness.  We go to great lengths to provide options for masks that are suggested to be beneficial,  however we do not do medical testing or make medical claims.

Please consult the CDC website for ongoing updates and recommendations.

How long will it take to get my mask?

We are working hard to get masks sewn and out the door to you as soon as possible.  You should receive shipping notification within 2 weeks of ordering.  If you elect to pay an additional fee, we use that to cover overtime to ensure your mask gets done more quickly.  This doesn't slows the speed of non-urgent masks, but covers added cost associated with moving your order outside of normal operating hours.  

Why is shipping $8 on a tiny mask that weighs so little?

We send your order by Priority mail, because currently first class mail is taking an extended time for delivery, doesn't have tracking, and has no insurance tied to it if the package is lost in the mail.    We charge a flat rate of $8 for shipping and the shipping cost to us ranges from $7.50 to $12 depending on the order size.  We do not make money on shipping.  On average we take a small loss on it.  

Do you donate masks?

Absolutely!  We began the operation strictly to donate, using Ozark Mask's owners personal stock of materials.  As those materials dwindled, we began selling masks to help cover the cost of more materials for donations.  For one month no one sewing masks received a penny for their long hours.  Starting with the opening of the website, we hired an intern who lost their income due to COVID19.  The website now provides a "below the poverty line income' for the extra help we get and we have drawn no income ourselves.  All of the profit has gone to buy more materials so that we can continue to donate and continue to get masks in the hands of people that need them.

We know that the selling of masks has been politicized and angers some.  We are sensitive to your feelings and we hope you'll be sensitive to ours.  As a nation we have become so accustomed to the sale of products that were produced for pennies overseas that fail to see the real cost or value of goods produced here at home. 

Here is the life cycle of your mask through production

  • First we researched masks.  We made dozens of masks using various patterns until we finally developed our own.  We made our mask pattern available FREE on our website for you and our "competition" to use.  We did this because our goal is to get great masks in the hands of those that need them regardless of who makes them.
  • Then we researched options that would be important for you.  Healthcare workers asked for a water resistant breathable layer.  People from various fields asked for a nose wire and a filter pocket.  Construction crews on government contract for US military bases needed either cotton batting or cotton flannel inner lining.   People with sensitive ears or that had to wear the masks for particularly long periods requested behind the head ties.  Some people like contoured masks for a sleek look.  Some felt claustrophobic in contour and preferred pleated.  
  • We begin sourcing materials.  We needed to find materials that would be cost effective enough to keep costs down, but of great quality.  Often these materials get delivery timelines pushed out, so we are ordering overlapping materials to try to ensure we have what we need to make what you want.  Sometimes we have to work to get items through customs.  Sourcing materials right now is a brutal process.  It also requires planning weeks in advance because of delays in transportation and high demand. 
  • Once we have materials, they have to be sanitized.  We can't risk exposing ourselves or you, so we take the time to wash and dry or heat sanitize each component.
  • We originally spent hours each day helping people figure out what they wanted.  People were stressed and sometimes short tempered.  We decided the most efficient way to help you was to create the web portal.  It was necessary so that we could spend our time sewing.
  • That means web design, photography, shopping cart setup, accounting, government quarterly reports for tax, and other challenges, but we got it set up and we're really proud of it.
  • So then we get your order, pull the fabric, cut it to your size specification.  We serge each seam and double over that with a straight stitch to ensure you have a quality well made mask.  We cut, fold, and sew on the wire for your nose bridge.  We measure and add your elastic or ties  and add on other features based on your options.  Each step of the process we press seams, trim threads, and finally we inspect your mask before letting you know it's ready for you.  It's a very labor intensive process, but it's done with great care and great love.  Your mask is made in a home, not a factory.  Your mask is made by an individual with a limited budget that has taken time to make this mask just for you.  So, if at any time it feels like the masks cost an awful lot, please keep these things in mind.  We aren't doing this for money.  We're doing this because we wanted to do all that we could to help people.  
  • We have a request.  The next time you see someone gathering materials to sew masks, consider smiling and saying you appreciate their efforts.  I've spoken to so many people selling masks.  Every one I spoke to is donating masks, but even if they weren't... what they are doing is important.  It is in this spirit that I share my tips and knowledge openly.  I've talked many through making and selling their own masks.  I do this because we (maskmakers) are a hardworking group just trying to help and in some cases trying to put food on the table in a very difficult time.
  • So yes, we donate masks.