Custom sewn contour or pleated face masks- Every popular option available!

Ozark Mask Options and Mask Types Explained


Fabric Selection for Reverse

After selecting the primary fabric for your mask, you are given the option to select the fabric for the reverse (as opposed to us selecting an available ready cut coordinating solid).  

In most cases, if you select your own solid reverse you will pay an extra $1 and if you select another print fabric for the reverse you will pay about $4 extra.  This varies some from print group to print group based on cost.  You can request a print outside of the print group as long as the print requested is in a pricing group of the same or lower price range.

If we select the fabric for the reverse side of the mask, we will often choose a coordinating solid, but will sometimes select a print.


Stationary Behind the Ear

Stationary behind the ear elastic can be either flat or round and the color and exact width will vary depending on elastic availability.  Most are 1/5-1/4" flat elastic in black or white.


Conversion Tabs with Elastic Only (part of our Flexi-Mask System)

Conversion tabs with elastic (no tie straps) means that you will have two tabs (loops) on each side of the mask through which you can insert the elastic that came with your mask, or your own tie (like a ribbon).  The elastic goes through the tab then circles back on itself and then ties on the bottom tab/loop.


Conversion Tabs with Elastic and Ties (The Flexi-Mask)

You can also get your mask with both the fabric ties AND the elastic that can be used with your conversion loops.  If you receive 2 ties, simply run one fabric tie through the two loops on the left side of the mask, then run the other fabric tie through the two loops on the right side of the mask.  Tie the top ties at the top of your head and tie the bottom ties around the back of your neck (or however it feels most comfortable).  

We are transitioning to a single longer tie, and if you receive one long tie, you can lace it to either tie behind the neck or at the top of the head.  Please see photos to the right for a better understanding.


Inner Linings

You can select to have:

  • No inner lining- In this case your mask will consist of two layers of cotton.
  • Woven cotton inner lining- The inner cotton lining is typically a thin cotton woven kitchen tea towel, however we also have material of similar consistency we substitute.
  • Cotton flannel inner lining- This is the lining requested by construction crews on government base contracts based on US government requirements.  The flannels we use are 100% cotton (also government requirement based on our orders), but the flannels we acquired are prints.  As such, we don't recommend this lining for contour masks that are using prints with a white or very light background.  Doing so may allow some of the print to show through in some lighting conditions.  If you order a mask with a filter pocket, the print flannel may show on the inside of the filter pocket.
  • Water resistant woven inner lining- This is the inner lining most requested by healthcare.  It provides a water resistant barrier between you and the outside world while providing the comfort of cotton on the outer layers.  If you select the water resistant woven inner lining we recommend hand washing your mask.


Nose Wire

As of May 10, 2020 the nose bridge wire is made of a strip of aluminum measuring 5mm by 85mm that is manufactured specifically as a mask nose wire.  It's sides and ends are slightly curved for comfort.  The nose wire is adhered into place and then stitched to the inside serged seam material for added security.  

Downsides to nose wire:

Any shape holding wire that is required to bend will eventually become fatigued from bending and will break regardless of brand of wire or source.  You can extend the life of the wire by bending into gentle curves rather than a harsh, sharp bend and by avoiding bending the wire in the opposite direction.  Because of this, having a nose wire on a reversible mask (where the wire gets bent in the opposite direction when you turn the mask for fit on the opposite side) means compromising the length of time that the nose wire will remain functional.  In the event that your nose wire breaks, you can continue to use your mask, but the nose wire cannot easily be replaced unless you also select a filter pocket

If you buy a reversible pleated mask with a nose wire, the "reverse" side of your mask will have to be worn with the pleats facing upward, instead of downward.  Without a nose wire, the mask can be rotated when using the reverse side so that the pleats always face downward.  Doing so when a nose wire is sewn in would put the nose wire on the chin during reverse wear.  This can be done without issue, except that you would not have the benefit of a nose wire on reverse.  


Filter Pocket

Ozark Mask filter pockets have been evolving and improving over time.  The goal has been to provide a filter pocket while maintaining reversibility, function, comfort, and a beautiful aesthetic.  One important benefit to filter pocket openings is that with our latest design, you have access to add, remove, or replace nose wires through the filter pocket opening.

Contour masks ordered with filter pockets (availability limited) have a velcro closed side opening on one side of the mask to secure your filter (not provided with mask).  Use caution with the velcro, as it can snag and fray your elastic.  Pleated masks ordered with filter pockets have a an overlapping flap (as of mid May) opening that sometimes opens on the top and sometimes on the bottom depending on which side you're using.. 


Special Sizing

One size fits MOST (but not everyone).  Shown here is a 5'5" female weighing 170 pounds wearing a regular adult size.  The same size mask has fit all but 2 adult mask wearers so far (and of the fitted there is a range of a 5'2" 110 pound female and a 6'4" 240 pound male).  One customer (of unknown size because I know better than to ask that!) needed a smaller mask.  One of them (again unknown size) needed a larger mask.  As such, we created the Large Adult and the Teen/Small adult sizing.  We are happy to make child size masks, but please check with your child's pediatrician before placing a face mask on a child.  While we will make a custom mask any size you request, we are not equipped to safety test and strongly recommend that you research and speak to your doctor regarding safety and whether or not it is appropriate for your child to have access to a mask.  

Here's the information we need to create a custom sized mask outside of our normal range of sizes offered..

  • Measurement from the top of the nose to the bottom of the chin (notice the mask to the left goes to the top of the nose just under the eyes).  We will use this to calculate appropriate height of the mask giving consideration to the necessary curve and spacing.  
  • Measurement from over the inner canal of the ear on one side, across the nose to the inner canal of the ear on the other side.  We will use this to calculate appropriate width of the mask.
  • If you feel you may not fit into the regular, large, or small adult spectrum we welcome you to select the child size (we will consider renaming it) and use any text space provided or contact us to give us these measurements so we can build your mask pattern from the ground up.  


Processing Speed

Before you get mad at us for offering to move people ahead in line if they pay to skip, that's NOT what this is.  Here are the options and the explanation.

No Rush- Our standard processing time is anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks.  It was longer when we were managing the orders by text, but right now 2-14 days is going to be the norm for a while.

Urgent- 1-2 business days.  If you really need your mask on a deadline, we will offer someone overtime in exchange for getting your order out.  The order will not be processed during our normal working hours.  $4 is a modest price for someone staying late to work an extra order in, but the sewist (seamstress seems rather outdated) that does it will appreciate the gesture.

Same day if ordered by noon.  For this we have to pull out all the stops.  Depending on what's going on we may have to stay late or call someone back to their home sewing station on a day off.  If you need it, we will get it to you.  

If you are ordering multiple masks and need your masks at different priorities, you will need to place separate orders.  If you order one mask as "urgent" and another as "no rush" your order is most likely going to be processed as "no rush".  If you do this by accident, just contact us for a correction.


Shipping or Pickup

If you choose pickup, you will be notified with pickup instructions when your masks are ready. 

We chose USPS for shipping.  After careful consideration, we decided not to offer USPS standard first class mail.  It was time consuming (around a week last I checked....based on COVID), didn't have tracking, and came with no insurance.  It's a lot of work to make these masks for not much money considering the whole of what went into getting the masks ready to go out the door to you (see FAQ for more details).  We decided that USPS Priority was the most appropriate solution for those requiring shipment.  Delivery is 2-3 days in most cases and if it gets lost we will re-make it and deal with the post office on the loss.  

That said, we charge a flat $8 shipping fee.  The USPS charge for masks has ranged from $7.50 to $11 or so for us, so $8 felt like a fair price for unlimited quantity of masks.  We hope you agree.

Mask Types Explained


Reversible Contour

Ozark Mask's Reversible Contour Mask is available with stationary elastic or you can upgrade it to a Flexi-Mask by selecting the "Conversion Tabs" upgrade


Flexi-Mask Contour

Currently our Contour Flexi-Mask and Regular Contour are listed together.  When ordering a contour mask, you can upgrade it to a Flexi-Mask by selecting one of the "Conversion Tabs" options.   Those options allow you to remove/replace elastic and alternately use ribbon, matching ties, or longer elastic to tie behind the head or neck as opposed to having elastic around the ear.  


Standard or Economy Pleated

The standard rectangular pleated mask has stationary elastic and visible serged side seams.  You can opt to add conversion tabs to the standard pleated.  The difference between the standard pleated mask and the Flexi-mask is the visible serged edges.  We match the thread color of the fabric as closely as possible since the thread is visible, but some color variations should be expected.  

The difference between economy and standard is selection.  With economy we stitch these up based on what we have either pre-sewn or based on material availability.  We offer 3 color families (Red/Orange, Yellow/Brown, and Green/Blue).  


Pleated Reversible Flexi-Mask

The Pleated Reversible Flexi-Mask has a lot of options built in.  It's reversible (see Nose Wire and Filter Pocket limitations noted above) and it comes with removable/replaceable elastic! You can remove the elastic and either use your own ribbon or elastic or you can order matching or coordinating ties.  See information on  Conversion Tabs with Elastic and Ties (The Flexi-Mask) above.